Tooth Mousse

Tooth Mousse is a delicious tasting crème that is beneficial for teeth. It contains calcium and phosphate, the major minerals teeth are made from. These minerals are available in a soluble form as they are carried in a special milk-derived protein known as RECALDENT TM(CPP-ACP).

Tooth Mousse can help to proctect the teeth aiding the replacement of calcium and phosphate minerals lost during regular acid attacks usually after eating and drinking.

Tooth Mousse is fluoride-free. If your dentist recommends that you need an additional fluoride treatment program, you can safely use Tooth Mousse and fluoride products at the same time.

Tooth Mousse Plus could be helpful

– if you have an acidic oral environment
– if you have active decay in your mouth
– if you have white spot lesions
– if you have sensitive teeth
– if you have erosion or tooth wear
– if you are undertaking tooth whitening procedure
– if you are undertaking orthodontic treatment
– if you suffer from dry mouth
– if you are susceptible to dehydration from sporting activities or outdoor work
– if you are suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy
– if you are at increased risk of decay as a result of medical conditions (e.g. diabetes)
– if you have low saliva flow rate as a result of prescription medications