We all know what saliva is, but few of us know the important role it plays in tooth care. Let’s take a closer look at what causes tooth decay and how saliva helps prevent it.

What causes tooth decay?
Plaque acids are one of the main causes of tooth decay. They are produced after we eat or drink by bacteria that live in our mouths.

How do plaque acids cause tooth decay?
Plaque acids attack your teeth and dissolve important minerals on their surface. This weakens your teeth and can lead to decay over time.

How does saliva help prevent decay?
Saliva contains important elements such as bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate. They not only neutralize plaque acids, but also help repair early tooth damage and decay.

Saliva and sugarfree gum Chewing sugarfree gum causes your mouth to increase the production of saliva by 10 times the normal rate.

Research shows that chewing sugarfree gum for 20 minutes after eating or drinking can help reduce tooth decay by up to 40%.

So, when you’re on the go and brushing isn’t an option, consider reaching for a piece of sugarfree gum. Your mouth will thank you.